Toronto Soundtracks Themes for Media, Film and Television
Toronto Soundtracks owns the Master Rights / Publishing for the following soundtracks. All Soundtracks are SOCAN registered.
** All existing soundtracks can be edited and new custom written soundtracks are available upon request.**
Type: I=Instrumental   V=Vocal
Play Description Type Artist Name Song Title
Heavy Action theme creating a tense atmosphere. I Dave Irvine Crossing the Line
Dramatic TV or film soundtrack. I Dave Irvine Outlaw day
Film theme ..... think robots, alien, something coming to life. I Dave Irvine Awakening
Instrumental version of "Another Lost Sunday". I Dave Irvine Oh Oh
Video game action theme / rock instrumentation I Dave Irvine Big Dee
Current Pop theme. I Dave Irvine Raindance
Pop track with a twist of heaviness in the bridge. I Dave Irvine Midnight
Rock soundtrack I Dave Irvine Time to Go
Pop theme I David Irvine Yet here we are
Fun, solid shuffle, theme. I Dave Irvine Slipping
Dramatic film theme featuring orchestral drums. I Dave Irvine Overnight
Pop theme I Dave Irvine Irie Ireland
Pop Ballad I David Irvine It's Hard To Stay Still
Catchy, upbeat theme for a TV commercial. Great for any brand including automobile and high technology products. I Dave Irvine Puddle Jumpin
Dramatic Latin feel theme. I Dave Irvine Escape the Night
Pop theme for TV or AD I Dave Irvine Night Wind
Pop theme I Dave Irvine Up Close
Pop / Rock theme. I Dave Irvine Wide Open
Current pop song, featuring vocalist Caitlin Claessens. V Dave Irvine Another Lost Sunday
TV Theme I Dave Irvine Hollywood
Dramatic rock Theme I David Irvine Take A Number
Exciting electronic style, driving instrumental. Great for a technology Ad or TV theme. I Dave Irvine Tear it down
Pop Ballad I David Irvine Warm
TV or Film theme - winding its way through interesting parts. I Dave Irvine Firestorm
Current sounding theme, perfect for a retail Ad. I Dave Irvine Last lane
Acoustic guitar and flute featured in a short light theme for an advertisement underscore. I Dave Irvine Ruby
Upbeat tune for an advertisement. Great for any retail product including technology products. I Dave Irvine Chewing Gum
Rock Theme I Dave Irvine The Edge
Pop ballad / theme. Would definitely work as a main theme for a tearjerker film. I Dave Irvine Tough Love
Theme for a TV drama series. I Dave Irvine Take Out
Exciting up tempo soundtrack with solo trade offs between guitar and piano. I Dave Irvine Charlie Brown goes downtown
Rock Ballad I David Irvine All In
TV series theme with a bit of an Irish feel. I Dave Irvine Long Time Coming
Exciting up-tempo pop theme. Great for a weekly TV action / drama. I Dave Irvine Riding
Slow moody piano soundtrack. Latin groove with simple catchy melody. I Dave Irvine Borderline
Soft ballad featuring sax and harmony guitars. Written for a Romance film. I Dave Irvine Long Walk
Light piano theme for any current technology TV ad. I Dave Irvine Catching air
TV ... southern reality series theme. Would work great with Duck Dynasty. I Dave Irvine Duck Duck
Instrumental version of a pop hit. Written for a female artist as a current pop song. I David Irvine I'm just curious
Eighties feel up tempo track. Great melody for a TV theme. I Dave Irvine Tumble
Soundtrack theme for a Romantic Film I Dave Irvine It's too late
Rock track I Dave Irvine Town Cryer
Instrumental rock ballad I Dave Irvine Rider
Upbeat melodic instrumental. Subtle intro. moving to fun, fast paced tune. I Dave Irvine Trillium
Pop theme. I Dave Irvine Cross Talk
Laid back jazz groove theme. I Dave Irvine A Frayed Knot
TV theme I Dave Irvine Layered
Upbeat , uptempo contemporary TV or Film theme. I Dave Irvine Cover Me
Dramatic / unique soundtrack. I Dave Irvine Driven to Win
Driving dramatic theme for Film, TV or a video game. I Dave Irvine Gone
A soft piano theme. Written for a romantic film request. I Dave Irvine Summer Night
TV mystery / drama theme. i Dave Irvine Damage Control
Orchestral instrumental. Very moving melody. Strong emotional piece. I Dave Irvine Always
Full Throttle Action Film Theme I Dave Irvine On the Ground
Film / TV main theme. I Dave Irvine It's true
Heavy drama theme. I Dave Irvine Silhouette Embrace
Exciting piano intro that moves to a sleazy laid back groove soundtrack. Piano is featured again in the mid-section. I Dave Irvine Trace Emotion
Fast paced exciting action soundtrack. Tons of melody with percussion and synthesizer featured parts. I Dave Irvine Footprint
Medium paced large, pop feel instrumental. Huge ending with tons of instrumentation. Percussive feel. I Dave Irvine A Cut Above
Action TV theme. I In-House Take the Castle
Rythmic, upbeat TV or Film Theme. Electronic intro. moving to main pop style theme. Lots of hooks throughout. I Dave Irvine Sparked Not Lit
Sets the mood for a small nightclub in the 1950s or 1960s. Horn instrumental soundtrack. I Dave Irvine Clear Water